Minecraft 1.13, titled as the Huge Update is a very huge update to minecraft butt heads, it includes a huge amount of new and improved dick bitches, new combat system for you to suck dick, items for you because you have no friends, gamemodes because your a jerk, mobs because your a mother fucker, new biomes because you fucken envencher, new world types, re-introduces the map theme selector, new sounds, new features and introduces gun and cars to minecraft.Yah bitch.

Whoever did this is an asshole - B

New Animations (only view-able when in third person, can be switched into options)

Stand - The player stands along with an idle animation.

Idle - The player looks around, player scratches his head, player looks at their hands.

Walk LKOP) - The player walks normally.

Run (Ctrl/W,W) - The player runs.

Light Attack w/ Fists (LeftClick) - The player punches.

Heavy Attack w/ Fists (HoldLeftClick) - The player does a really

strong punch.

Kick w/ Fists (Q) - The player kicks.

Light Attack w/o Sword (LeftClick) - The player does a bitch slap

Heavy Attack w/o Sword (HoldLeftClick) - The player swings their weapon.

Light Attack w/ Sword (LeftClick) - The player swings their sword on the left with two hands along with a slashing sound.

Heavy Attack w/ Sword (HoldLeftClick) - The player stabs the sword like a knife.

Jump (Space) - The player jumps.

Sneak (Shift) - The player crouches.

Prone (Shift,Shift) - The player prones.

New Ores Edit

There are 0 New Ores in Total. most of them are good for dicks you can get a gun witch make villiagers want to have sex with you

New Swords Edit

There are 5 new swords in total.

Sword Name Sword Damage Sword Recipe
Wool Sword (inspiration from ExplodingTNT) None. Makes an object turn into

colorful wools.

1 Sticks + 2 Wool (any color)
Ruby Sword 60 DMG to Mobs

55 DMG to Players

1 Sticks + 2 Ruby Ingot
Cobalt Sword 68 DMG to Mobs

65 DMG to Players

1 Sticks + 2 Cobalt Ingot
Metal Sword 70 DMG to Mobs

70 DMG to Players

1 Sticks + 2 Metal Ingot
Carbon Sword 75 DMG to Mobs

70 DMG to Players

1 Sticks + 2 Carbon Ingot

New Weapons Edit

There are many new types of weapons.

Weapons used by hands: Brass knuckles, Mubuchae, Gauntlet, Deer Horn Knives

Light-like weapons: Lightsaber

Sharp-bladed weapons: Dagger, Cutlass, Knife, Katana, Machete, Tomahawk, Hatchet, Battle axe, Unattached Bayonet, Balisong (butterfly knife), Pocketknife, Kitchen Knife, Chainsaw, Saw, Trench Knife, Military Knife, Hook Sword

Practice Weapons: Suburito, Boken, Waster, Foam Sword, Foam Handgun

Throwing weapons: Grenade, Boomerang, Rubber Duck, Sticky TNT

Objects that act like weapons: Frying Pan, Golf Club, Baseball Bat, Hammer, Screwdriver, Mace, Angle grinder, Tire Iron, Police Baton, Sledgehammer, Boat Paddle, Pool Cue, Wooden Spike, Branch, Wooden Plank w/ Nail, Rake, Pitchfork, Innocent Baton, Flashlight, 1000 Degree Knife, Rope, Belt

Melee Weapons with Attachments: Army Pocket Knife

Weapons that has Rarities (wooden, diamond, etc) Edit

Dagger Name Dagger Damage Crafting Recipe
Diamond Dagger Does 40 Damage 1-Stick 1-Diamond
Bat Name Bat Damage Crafting Recipe

New Armors Edit

the Herobrine armor: for chestplate 8 beacons legs 7 beacons boots 4 beacons helmet 5 beacons super duper duper duper op

New Tools (Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe) Edit

New Blocks Edit

New Potionsasdasdadasdasdasd Edit

New Crafting Supplies Edit

New Healing Supplies Edit

New biome Edit

Foods Edit

New Bows Edit

New Mobs Edit

Passive Edit




Neutral Edit

Hostile Edit

angry jews they steal any ores you have (this is different from the normal jews)

Special (New Mob-type) Edit

Boss Edit

Unused (cannot be normally generated in-game, can be only spawned through commands) Edit

World Themes (Returning from indev) Edit

Winter Mode (Returning from alpha) Edit

New Gamemodes (Multiplayer-exclusive) Edit

Capture the Flag Edit

Capture the flag is a classic gamemode. one team will be red (rookie army) and the other team will be green (creeper army). You start with one bow, and will be enchanted/upgraded as long as you kill many people. you will have to steal the enemy's flag and bring it back to your base. if you do that, you will get one point. if you get 3 points, you win. but if the other enemy gets 3 points, you lose.

BowGame Edit

BowGame is a classic and deathmatch gamemode where you continuously kill each other with instant-killing bow and arrows. You start with a bow with no enchantments or anything. once you kill someone, your bow will start to get stronger and stronger. the maximum level of the bow is 20. if you get killed 5 times, your bow will get weaker and weaker.

Bow Level Bow Enchantments
Bow LVL. 1 N/A
Bow LVL. 2 Punch I
Bow LVL. 3 Punch II
Bow LVL. 4 Punch II

Sharpness I

Bow LVL. 5 Punch II

Sharpness II

Bow LVL. 6 Punch II

Sharpness III

Bow LVL. 7 Punch II

Sharpness III

Knockback I

Bow LVL. 8 Punch II

Sharpness III

Knockback II

Murder! Edit

Murder! is a classic gamemode that is based on a roblox game called "Murder Mystery", There will be 3 roles. innocent, sheriff and murderer. If you are an innocent, you should avoid by getting killed by the murderer. If you are a sheriff, you start with one bow and you will have to protect all of the innocents and kill the murderer. If you are the murderer, You start with a diamond sword that has unbreaking, and you will have to kill all of the innocents and should avoid by getting killed/caught by the sheriff.

Guns Edit

The penis is a Basic gun and is the easiest gun to be found. it can be found at certain places, but has no ammo. a skeleton will have a 1.2% chance of dropping a handgun and its own ammo.

Cars bube Edit