Minecraft Nintendo Version is the Game for Wii` Nintendo 3ds and 2ds and Wii U. It Finally Here For The Nintendo Consoles.

Wii Controllers Edit

Sroll: Move

A: Place Item

B : Break Item

2: Jump [ Two Times in Creative to fly ]

1: Inventory

+ Pause Game

3DS Controllers Edit

Joy Stick: Move

R: Place Item

L: Break Item

X: Jump [ Two Times in Creative to Fly]

Y: Inventory

Start: Pause

Wii U controllers Edit

Coming Soon

Gameplay Edit

The Wii and Wii u are the Same as Xbox. The Nintendo 3DS is The Same as Pocket Edition. In Gameplay

the player Can Play On Survival or Creative in the Same World by Using Select or - in Wii Version. It Selects Two Gamemodes and pick one and go to that Gamemode Unlike Xbox and Pocket Edition.

Mobs Edit

Hostile Edit

1. Zombies

2. Creepers

3. Skeletons

4. Spiders

5. Sliverfish

6.Zombie Pigmen

Peaceful Edit


2.Villager [ Can`t Trade ]

3. Cow

4. Sheep

5. Chicken

6. Mooshrooms [ VERY RARE]

Netrual Edit

1. Endermen



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