Topaz Ultra Gameshow is a Minecraft gameshow, that acts like an actual quest and an actual story. The first season started to air on March 10th, 2018 and ended on May 5th, the same year.

Season 1: Kingdom Worlds!Edit

Main Article: Topaz Ultra Gameshow/Season 1

The first season was filmed on January 30th, 2018 and aired from March 10th, 2018 to May 5th, 2018, with two videos a week (Saturday and Sunday). The season had a total of 15 challenges, with 15 contestants. The first season is based on Total Drama Minecraft, though the story is based off on Minecraft Raven: Season 6.


"The world of Minecraft is at stake. Many kingdoms wreck down to the bone. I formed a new resistance alliance and attacked through the apocalypse. Unfortunately, I failed and all, but me, died and were slayed by the virus. I retreated and went into hiding. But then, during my survival in the wilderness, I found 15 warriors who were ancient, stunned for 100 years and revived them, as my students. As I train them through different kingdoms and discover the start of the invasion, I will find my first ultimate hero." - ShadicMCGS (Story Trailer)


  • Hosted By: ShadicMCGS (Shadic)
  • Camera Crew: mariofan1lol (Mario), Aeglen (Aeglen), gumfum (Gum), NickTheTrickster (Nick)
  • Assistants: Darkcyan (Dark), OhCj (CJ), netdawgy (Netty)
  • Builders: ShadicMCGS (Shadic), ZeldaGeekGamer (Tim), SK101 (Wes), AtomicUnderpants (Mari)
  • Redstone Technicians: SethBling (Seth), TheFinnFTW (Finn), SK101 (Wes)
  • Challenge Testers: TBNRfrags (Preston), TBNRKenWorth (Kenny), VIkkstar123 (Vikk), Woofless (Rob), KobsterLobster (Kobe)


Color Participant Team Placing Returns?
White CDawgBoi (Cdawg) Redstone (Team 3) 4th Place (Episode 14)
Silver IamStriker (Striker) Redstone (Team 3) 7th Place (Episode 12)
Black HailTheKing (Mitch) Lapis (Team 1) 3rd Place (Finale) YES
Brown Ace_Rider (Ace) Gold (Team 2) 11th Place (Episode 7)
Red Stigman13 (Stig) Redstone (Team 3) 9th Place (Episode 9)
Orange Mezimo (Mezimo) Lapis (Team 1) 6th Place (Episode 13)
Yellow Infernox0 (Infernox) Lapis (Team 1) 5th Place (Episode 13)
Lime Alecoshi (Fudge) Gold (Team 2) 13th Place (Episode 5)
Green Luigispanish (Luigi) Gold (Team 2) 14th Place (Episode 4)
Aqua UniqueImpact (Unique) Lapis (Team 1) 10th Place (Episode 8)
Cyan Chalkychambo (Joe) Gold (Team 2) Runner-Up (Finale) YES
Blue Billybae10K (Billy) Lapis (Team 1) 12th Place (Episode 6)
Purple DanHanDan (Dan) Gold (Team 2) 8th Place (Episode 11)
Magenta LoliLegs (Duskee) Redstone (Team 3) 15th Place (Episode 2)
Pink ErrorNoUsername (Error) Redstone (Team 3) Winner (Finale) YES


  • Episode 1 (Born in the Sky!) - Gliding Flies (Sailing Through the Slots)
  • Episode 2 (Nature's History!) - Prehistoric Trivia
  • Episode 3 (Musical Dancers!) - Musical Carts
  • Episode 4 (Rarity Swimmers!) - Treasure Divers (Scuba Diving)
  • Episode 5 (Swinging Timing!) - Vine Runner (Parkour)
  • Episode 6 (Soaring Clouds!) - Soaring Clouds (Fly to the Place)
  • Episode 7 (Confusing Paths!) - Lost Maze
  • Episode 8 (Firework Construction!) - Building Rivalries (Build-Off)
  • Episode 9 (Shovel Scoops!) - Snow Brawl (Spleef)
  • Episode 10 (Coastal Diggers!) - Steak Diggers (Item Dig)
  • Episode 11 (Boiling Meals!) - Food Boils (Craft Race)
  • Episode 12 (Bone Breakers!) - Flight Archery
  • Episode 13 (Escaping Magma!) - Lava Run
  • Episode 14 (Gravity Leaps!) - Zero Gravity (The Jumper)
  • Episode 15 (Finale!) - Challenge Relay (Foot Race/The Board)

Season 2Edit

Main Article: Topaz Ultra Gameshow/Season 2

ShadicMCGS confirmed a Season 2 to be uploaded on YouTube, around late September 2018. It'll introduce 8 newcomers and have 8 returning competitors. Error, Joe and Mitch have confirmed that they will return for the second season, as well as hinting some of the last season staff returning to compete for Season 2. They also announced that they will be keeping their colors from last season.


  • Hosted By: ShadicMCGS (Shadic)
  • Camera Crew: LoliLegs (Duskee), Cleverbones (Damien), BigBossBoze (Boze), Buggyking_25 (Buggy)


Color Participant Status Team Placing Returns?
Black HailTheKing (Mitch) Veteran
Cyan Chalkychambo (Joe) Veteran
Pink ErrorNoUsername (Error) Victor

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